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The REACH regulation request a registration for every substance within the scope of manufactured in, or imported into EU, with the quantities of 1 tonne or more per year. This registration must be submitted to the European Chemicals Agency by EU manufacturers or a legal person in the EU who may take on the role as Only Representative (OR), non-EU manufacturers cannot submit such registration to ECHA directly.

In order to maintain control of supply into the EU, such a non-EU manufacturer may take a proactive approach to REACH by appointing an "Only Representative” (OR) to meet the registration requirements for those substances on behalf of their EU customers. The appointment of an OR removes the registration obligations from the individual importers and allows a non-EU manufacturer to continue supplying their substances into the EU without revealing sensitive and confidential business information (such as formulations and substance identity) to their EU customers.

If you think that you will need to appoint an OR, and expect them to take responsibility for the pre-registration of your substances, please email or feel free to contact Roy Yeung on royyeung@ehscentre.org or + 852 2690 9360 with your REACH enquiry.