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European Commission issued REACH regulations Annex XIV Authorization list substances corrigendum2011-02-28
ECHA Publishes Report on Evaluation in 20102011-02-28
ECHA's Sixth Stakeholders' Day will be held in 17-18 May2011-02-23
Companies can now start to prepare for authorization applications2011-02-21
Public consultation on potential Substances of Very High Concern2011-02-21
Information on the future update of the Agency IT tools: IUCLID and REACH-IT2011-02-17
First release of chemicals on Authorization list2011-02-17
ECHA published Work Programme 20112011-02-04
Updated IUCLID dissemination plug-in available2011-02-02
ECHA updated REACH Registration Guidance2011-01-31
ECHA and the US EPA start working together 2010-12-20
ECHA recommends that eight substances of very high concern be subject to authorisation2010-12-20
ECHA publishes a new manual to explain how to derive a public name for a substance when registrants wish to request the IUPAC name as confidential2010-12-17
ECHA adds eight substances to the Candidate List for Authorisation2010-12-15
Sixteen Substances of Very High Concern closer to tighter control2010-12-03
The outcome of the First REACH Registration Deadline2010-12-01
Charges for companies wrongly registering as SMEs2010-11-26
Don't have your registration rejected – use the Technical Completeness Tool2010-11-19
REACH-IT backup2010-11-17
Avoid blocking your REACH-IT account2010-11-05
ECHA Newsletter 52010-11-03
Second draft Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets (SDSs) sent to Partner Expert Group2010-10-29
Preparing for Substance Evaluation2010-10-21
Verify now which substances have already been registered2010-10-21
ECHA's Fifth Stakeholders' day in Helsinki. Live event streaming online2010-10-04
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