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ECHA to review the whole Guidance on Substance Identity2010-09-29
ECHA offers support to registrants in exceptional cases2010-09-27
ECHA calls for comments on reports proposing restrictions on mercury and phenylmercury 2010-09-24
30 November 2010: Last call for companies to register chemicals2010-09-13
RAC adopts an opinion to classify a flame retardant as carcinogen 2010-09-09
Public Consultation on Eleven Potential Substances of Very High Concern2010-08-30
Notifiers under Directive 67/548/EEC are requested to include analytical information and spectral data in their updated registration dossiers2010-08-25
ECHA Newsletter 4/2010 has been published2010-08-17
ECHA encourages SME registrants to verify their company size2010-07-29
ECHA withdraws Practical Guide 112010-07-21
Update of ECHA’s Chemical safety assessment and reporting tool, Chesar, now available2010-07-07
New Manual – how to jointly submit Chemical Safety Reports2010-07-07
Public consultation on inclusion of substances in the authorization list2010-07-01
Companies can now check what will be published on ECHA’s website from their dossiers2010-06-30
ECHA offers unique opportunity for early Lead Registrants2010-06-24
New practical guide on how to address specific substance identification issues: evaluation of different crystalline forms2010-06-22
New manual – How to report the substance identity in IUCLID 5 for registration under REACH2010-06-21
ECHA calls for information on the first two proposal for restriction under REACH2010-06-21
ECHA adds eight substances to the Candidate List for authorization2010-06-18
ECHA announces new webinar on business rules to promote successful REACH-IT registrations2010-06-16
ECHA Member State Committee agreed on three draft decisions resulting from dossier evaluation and on the identification of eight substances of very high concern2010-06-11
Moratorium on the publication of ten guidance updates2010-06-02
ECHA publishes a new practical guide on avoiding Animal Testing2010-06-02
ECHA clarifies the definition of intermediates2010-06-01
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