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Preparing for Substance Evaluation

On 18-19 October 2010 the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) organised a workshop with Member States authorities on Substance Evaluation. The workshop paves the way for the first list of substances to be evaluated, the so-called Community Rolling Action Plan or CoRAP.

The REACH Regulation requires three different evaluation processes: compliance check, examination of testing proposals (these two are Dossier Evaluations); and Substance Evaluation. ECHA is responsible for Dossier Evaluation whereas Substance Evaluation is the task of the Member States under ECHA’s coordination. Dossier Evaluation is of course already underway and Substance Evaluation will start in 2012.

The workshop covered four issues: 1) Substance Evaluation and risk management, 2) the development of risk-based criteria to prioritise substances for evaluation, 3) establishing the Rolling Action Plan and 4) the practical cooperation between ECHA and the Member States.

The Substance Evaluation process enables Member States who are concerned that - despite registration dossiers being available - there may be a remaining risk from a substance to human health or the environment that may be clarified by further information. In most cases, a legally binding decision requesting additional information on the hazard properties or exposure from the registrant(s) of the substance will be the outcome.

The criteria for prioritising substances for the CoRAP were broadly agreed as were the timelines and processes leading to the first list. The list will be updated yearly and it will cover a rolling three year period. The first CoRAP will be produced before the end of February 2012 and Member States will then complete the evaluations of the first year of the plan within twelve months. The second and third year planning is subject to review.

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