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Verify now which substances have already been registered

From the updated list of substances identified for registration in 2010, companies can now also see whether certain substances have already been registered as intermediate and/or full dossier.

This should be particularly helpful for downstream users who want to check that their substances are being registered in time. Companies are now registering substances at a rapid pace and consequently ECHA will update the list on a weekly basis with the latest information. Today the list contains information on 4742substances proposed for registration of which 2128 are already registered.

If a substance is missing, it may be because it does not need to be registered this year. However, companies who have concerns that a substance is missing can still inform ECHA.

Further Information

List of identified substances for registration in 2010:



New upgrade for IUCLID is available - version 5.2.3

Version 5.2.3 of the IUCLID application is now available for download from the IUCLID website.

This upgrade includes enhancements, such as making the searches faster, and fixes, such as saving the "Review by an assessor" flag in the database on closing the application.

Users who have experienced the issues listed in the release note, should upgrade to this latest version. Users who have not encountered the issues can choose whether to upgrade. The exchange of files between version 5.2.3 and all previous 5.2 versions is supported.

The upgrade process is simple because no data migration is involved. Just follow the instructions relevant to your particular system that are provided in the download package.

Please read the release notes in the installation package before upgrading. The installation packages can be downloaded from the IUCLID website: click here.