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Information on the future update of the Agency IT tools: IUCLID and REACH-IT

The European Chemicals Agency is going to update its IT tools in support of the REACH and CLP Regulations in order to take into account the latest changes in the legislation and to support additional dossier types.

ECHA is planning to update its IT tools to comply with a new amendment of the CLP Regulation and to support the submission of new dossier types foreseen by the REACH regulation.

The upcoming amendment of the CLP Regulation, expected to be published in March 2011 (2nd Adaptation to Technical Progress), incorporates changes to the Classification and Labelling. For example a new M-Factor will be added for the environment. At the same time ECHA is adapting IUCLID and developing REACH-IT so that new dossier types can be submitted such as the Downstream User Report (Article 38 of the REACH Regulation), the Notification of Substance in Articles (cf. Article 7(2) of REACH) or the Application for Authorisation (cf. Article 62 of REACH). More information and users manuals for these dossier types will follow in the near future.