2024 Global EHS Readiness Survey: Key Findings - How does your company stack up?

Explore groundbreaking EHS insights in this webinar, revealing findings from a new survey by Focus Network and HSI. Learn how interconnected platforms elevate EHS, mitigate risks, and add significant business value. Stay ahead in shaping the future of EHS.

This webinar was originally broadcast on February 28, 2024. 

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Explore your organization's EHS readiness with the Global EHS Readiness Index (GERI) Report, the largest survey of its kind. The report benchmarks how companies fare with EHS processes overall, by assessing ten critical capability factors for EHS readiness, highlighting gaps, and vulnerabilities that may hinder their progress.

This webinar delves into the recent survey conducted by Focus Network and HSI, involving over 1,000 global EHS leaders. Andrew Milroy, Vice President & Head of Research for the Focus Network, will guide you through the findings, sharing insights, best practices, and strategic recommendations for enhancing EHS outcomes.

Key highlights include:

  • Average EHS scores and gaps for different industries
  • What EHS risks are you missing and how you improve
  • How your work in EHS compares to 1,000 companies
  • How centralized, connected EHS software improves business processes

Learn how technology contributes to increased EHS maturity, adding significant business value.

Discover the pressing need for unified, data-driven EHS platforms to address vulnerabilities and elevate EHS into a strategic function. As well as how to evaluate software to meet your needs, and get executive buy-in. Join us in shaping the future and staying ahead in optimizing outcomes. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity! 


Andrew Milroy

Vice President & Head of Research | Focus Network

Leading the research and advisory business at Focus Network, Andrew’s work involves empowering organizations to make decisions more effectively with data-driven insights — derived from Focus Network’s communities.

A well-known and respected thought leader and speaker in the APAC region, he has more than two decades of leadership experience in the technology sector and has worked with clients in a variety of tech domains including cybersecurity, IoT, supply chain automation, eCommerce, fintech, cloud computing, AI, and customer experience — and EHS and HR management.

Recently, Andrew served as an adjunct lecturer at ESSEC Business School, Asia Pacific, imparting knowledge on technology and cybersecurity strategy to Masters students. He has held regional leadership roles — predominantly based in Singapore — with Frost & Sullivan and Ovum (now Omdia). Prior to working in Singapore, Andrew gained invaluable technology knowledge and experience while working in Europe and the United States.

Dave Toliver

Vice President of Marketing | HSI

Dave Toliver is the VP of Marketing at HSI, focused on driving user adoption of employee and safety technologies such as EHS systems and training for the last 3 years.  Prior to joining HSI, Dave worked at various companies helping companies adopt SaaS-based technologies for higher education, business intelligence, and customer service centers. Dave’s focus is in providing an understanding of how technology can create more streamlined processes for employees to drive their culture and business forward.

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