Toolbox for Tomorrow: Mastering EHS Excellence with Visitor & Emergency Management

In today's rapidly evolving EHS landscape, effective visitor and emergency management is crucial. Join EHS Today and iLobby to discover the top 5 challenges in managing visitors and contractors within the EHS framework. Learn actionable strategies from your EHS peer, Meghan Shambach, Sr. EHS Manager from Acrow Bridge, on how to enhance safety, streamline compliance, and minimize risks. This session will guide you in transforming challenges into opportunities.

This webinar was originally broadcast on March 12, 2024. 

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In today's rapidly evolving EHS landscape, organizations are increasingly recognizing the critical role that effective visitor and emergency management plays in maintaining safety and compliance.

Join iLobby and, Sr. EHS Manager, Meghan Shambach of Acrow Bridge, to take you through the top 5 challenges associated with managing visitors and contractors within the EHS framework and actionable strategies to enhance safety, streamline compliance, and minimize risks associated with external personnel. From digitizing emergency management and visitor management processes to leveraging technology, this session will serve as a comprehensive guide to transforming challenges into opportunities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overcome the Top EHS Challenges: Gain a deep understanding of the most critical EHS issues, from technological impacts to regulatory changes, and discover actionable strategies to address them effectively.
  • Enhance Visitor and Contractor Safety: Gain insights into the latest strategies and tools for effectively managing visitors and contractors, ensuring their safety and compliance with your organization's EHS policies.
  • Achieve Long-term Organizational Benefits: Explore the lasting advantages of overcoming EHS challenges, including improved operational efficiency, a strong safety culture, and enhanced environmental stewardship, contributing to the overall health and success of your organization.



Meghan Shambach, CSP, M.S.

Senior Environmental, Health and Safety Manager | Acrow Bridge

With over a decade of experience in Environmental, Health, and Safety Management, Meghan Shambach currently serves as the Senior EHS Manager at Acrow Bridge. Having previously worked at Dart Container and Harsco Corporation, she brings a wealth of knowledge in navigating regulatory landscapes with a focus on manufacturing and construction industries.

As an OSHA trained instructor, she is dedicated to fostering a safety-first culture and constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance workplace well-being. In addition, she brings her safety learnings to her community as the Borough Council President of New Berlin, Pennsylvania.

Jeff Gladwish

Chief Revenue Officer | iLobby Facility & Visitor Management

Jeff is responsible for the go-to-market engine that includes Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Customer Success, and Revenue Operations. The company recently received recognition as a Deloitte Fast50 award recipient as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

Prior to iLobby, Jeff successfully scaled the marketing team and revenue impact at Dialogue Health Technologies, achieving remarkable ARR growth and an IPO in less than three years. Jeff began his career at American Express, where he was a multiple award recipient over a long tenure in both Toronto and New York.

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