There Is No Substitute for Strong Leadership in Safety Excellence

Discover how leadership transformed Victaulic's safety culture, earning them OSHA's VPP Star designation. Learn how workplace injuries fell 87% despite increased workhours, and how Victaulic sustains safety excellence. Join us to explore the power of leadership in safety!

This webinar was originally broadcast on March 6, 2024. 

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Safety knowledge and expertise can only get an organization so far in their journey toward safety excellence. It takes strong leaders with the necessary attributes if an organization is to achieve optimum safety results. In this webinar you’ll learn how one company leveraged leadership to achieve world class safety excellence, in the process becoming a winner of EHS Today’s America’s Safest Companies competition.

Learn how Bill D’Amico and his team helped transform Victaulic’s safety culture to achieve VPP Star designation by OSHA for safety excellence in the workplace. During his tenure at Victaulic, workplace injuries have fallen 87% as the overall workhours have increased by 49.8% during the same timeframe. You’ll hear the details on this astounding turnaround, and how Victaulic has been able to sustain its safety excellence. It all starts with leadership.

In this webinar, attendees will learn: 

  • How to gain support and trust from the workforce
  • How to improve employee engagement and involvement
  • How to improve communication up and down the organizational chain
  • Means and methods to gain (or lose) the trust of the workforce



William D'Amico

Global EH&S Director | Victaulic Company

Since November 2010, Bill D’Amico has been the Global EH&S Director for the Victaulic Company, headquartered in Easton, PA. He has over 24 years of manufacturing experience in operations management, process improvement, regulatory compliance, new product launch, Safety and Quality Systems Management. From March 2015 through August 2020, he also assumed responsibility for the Global Directorate of Quality Assurance for Victaulic.

Prior to his manufacturing career, Bill served 22 years with the United States Navy as a Special Operations Officer, specializing in deep sea diving and salvage, explosive ordnance disposal and ordnance management. He successfully completed three command tours of duty before retiring with the rank of Captain. He has held increasingly senior positions with Sealy Bedding, Thermo-Fisher Electron, Gulf Coast Hyperbarics, and SS White prior to his current role with Victaulic.

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