Total Worker Health® Assessments That Really Work: Getting a True Picture of Your Workplace Wellness

Discover how to get past superficial approaches, conduct an assessment that is well-targeted, engage the workforce and end up with impactful, realistic priorities for improvement.

This webinar was originally broadcast on February 27, 2024. 

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While the NIOSH Total Worker Health® (TWH) program offers both employers and workers health and safety clarity, accountability and productivity, its often hard to apply.  This session provides a practical process for assessing which aspects of TWH can be applied to virtually all industries and organizations by using a real-world example from one of the most highly-stressed occupational areas, including:

  • Policies, programs, and practices that actually work
  • Prioritization of approaches (how to not be overwhelmed)
  • List of pitfalls to avoid
  • Structuring program phases to match your organization's situation, goals, needs and resources
  • "Impact multiplier" application examples from construction, manufacturing, health care and other segments

This session will use case study examples of successful developmental assessment (including an in-depth gap analysis) and action planning within healthcare, and then expand these concepts into other industries. The exercises will explore how attendees can get past superficial approaches, conduct an assessment that is well-targeted, engage the workforce and end up with impactful, realistic priorities for improvement. 

With workplace violence, stress, burnout, and suicide on the rise, the content in this webinar can be helpful to CEOs, Safety Officers, EHS Directors, Operations Managers, Human Resources/Personnel, Security Managers, Facilities Managers and others who share the risk and the responsibility for addressing and ensuring a safe, effective and supportive workplace.


Dede Montgomery 

Industrial Hygienist and Program Manager | Legacy Health

Dede currently works under a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration to reduce burnout and improve well-being for a workforce of over 22,000 personnel, while moving toward the Total Worker Health® Approach. She is Past President of the American Society of Safety Professionals Columbia-Willamette Chapter, served at Oregon Health & Science University as Practice Lead, and was a Co-Principal Investigator and Senior Research Associate working as a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Dede holds an MS in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of Washington and a BA in Biology from the University of Montana.

David Natalizia 

BSI Principal Consultant - Safety, Health, and Well-Being Solutions | BSI Group

David works with performance and leadership-focused clients to help them pursue excellence in workplace safety, health, and well-being solutions. David has particular expertise in safety and risk strategy, leadership, and safety culture development. He is often called upon to identify and remediate specific risk drivers such as sprains and strains, slips and trips, machine safety, and work at heights. David's practice includes manufacturing, high technology, pharma/biopharma, hospitality, construction, agriculture, entertainment, motion pictures and television production, and public sector exposures.

David has served as a Foundation Trustee for the American Society of Safety Professionals and in safety-rated positions including National Practice Leader-Safety, Principal Consultant, Director of Safety and Loss Control and Senior Safety Representative.

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